Psychological Suspense

When I first started writing crime, I was reading a great many novels by writers such as Nicci French, Val McDermid, Minette Walters and Barbara Vine. I loved the edginess of their work; the sense of life spinning out of control; the protagonist taken over by events she can’t explain, and if the sense that if she doesn’t sort it all out, she will end up dead.

What interests me as a writer is trying to capture that fear, that unease and the uncertainty of what’s going to go wrong next.



Someone is playing tricks. Someone wants her to lose her mind.

Successful career woman, Sarah Harcourt, is a woman in jeopardy. Her self-confidence takes a knock when she is mugged, but that is only the start. The nuisance phone calls, the arrival of unordered goods and missing files at work make her begin to doubt her sanity. Someone is trying to undermine her position as a College Principal. The petty harassment soon escalates into something more dangerous. Life turns into a nightmare rollercoaster over which she has no control. When a colleague is killed and Sarah feels that the police have her down as the chief suspect, she knows she must find the murderer before he finds her.

Winner of the NAWG Award

‘The moment I started to read I knew it was the winner. The story is compelling, fast past, and well written. But there is something more than just the skill of the writing or a gripping storyline. It has that certain something – the X factor – the secret ingredient, so hard to define and even harder to create!

Perhaps it the deceptive effortlessness with which the writer spins her spell. Perhaps it’s the way she cleverly builds up the tension as her heroine realizes that the attack in the underpass wasn’t just a random mugging, but the start of a sinister and bewildering campaign of hate against her. Perhaps, it’s the determined and feisty way the heroine fights to unmask her tormentor. Whatever it is, I like it… I couldn’t put it down.’ Iain Pattison – Award judge


‘I really enjoyed this book. It has a compelling plot that captured my attention, right from the start. Lots of twists and turns along the way and a lot of characters who could be “the bad guy” right up until the end of the story. And no, I hadn’t picked the right one, I like that too! Very well written, good characterization, plot moves along quickly throughout. It’s also a story that makes you wonder if something similar could happen in your own life. Highly recommended!’ Geraldine Helen Hartman, author of the Haiku Reflections and Groovy Green Kitchen series.

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Sylvie has a secret watcher. His mission is to eliminate any newcomer who might sully her innocence. Sylvie’s carefree world turns into a nightmare when terrible accidents start to befall her male friends. Is she jinxed or is someone out to harm them? She must find the killer before he does anything to the new man in her life.

 Winner of the NAWG Award

‘This is the rarest of creatures a thriller that actually thrills. From the opening page, this suspense story grabs the reader and won’t let go. It’s a genuinely creepy, tingly read, packed with menace and malice – the sort that is uncomfortable to read but impossible to put down.’ Iain Pattison – Award judge


‘This is a tense and absorbing journey into the mind of a psychotic killer as heroine Sylvie tries to figure out who is bumping off her boyfriends. With no shortage of suspects, this is a claustrophobic thriller with an ending to keep you on the edge of your seat.’ C. A. Bean (Caron Allan, Author of The Posh Hits Series)

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A Death too Far cover iguana copy 300 tall

How can Kathy uncover the truth about her sister’s death when all she has to go on is a holiday journal and someone who will stop at nothing to stop her investigation?

Kathy is devastated when Leanne dies on a holiday. It doesn’t help that they argued at the airport. How did Leanne fall from the boat in the middle of the night? Attempting to solve the mystery becomes an obsession that threatens to alienate Kathy from her friends.

Leanne’s journal describes not only her exotic wildlife adventures in a remote Amazon eco-lodge and the fabulous Galapagos Islands but also her suspicions that all is not as it should be. Had she stumbled onto a smuggling racket?

Kathy manages to track down some Leanne’s fellow travellers. Could one of them be Leanne’s murderer? When asking the wrong questions leads to another death, Kathy realizes she is putting her own life in danger.

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