Short Stories

My first publishing successes were with short stories and I have been lucky enough to win numerous prizes and had them published in various magazines and read on  radio.

 All Sorts Volume 1 cover

This is a mixed collection of ten short stories to suit every mood – some humorous, some poignant, a ghost story, a tale of revenge, one or two with a dark side and several with a twist in the tail. It contains six prize winning stories including:- ‘Expectations’ – my first success;’Mother Love’ – for which I won a weekend course at Madingley Hall, the University Of Cambridge Institute Of Continuing Education ans ‘The Culprit’ my first published short story.

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 All Sorts Volume 2 cover 250 tall

A second collection of prize winning short stories – some humorous, some spooky, a ghost story, a crime story (though nothing like my novels), a fantasy tale, a couple to pull on the heart strings and quite a few with a twist in the tail. ‘Christmas at the Hall’ is a ghost story and won first prize in a competition organized by ‘The Swindon Advertiser’ and was printed as a double page spread illustrated with a picture of Lydiard Mansion, a local manor house, covered in snow – the perfect setting for my story. I fell in love with my magician in ‘The Interview’ and went on to write a whole novel, ‘Mission for a Magician.’

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All Sorts Volume 3 cover copy 250 tall


This collection includes some humorous stories, the odd poignant one, a science fiction story, a fantasy tale, several explore relationships of family and friendship and most have a twist in the tail. Two of my favourite stories, ‘Lotus Flower’ and ‘Trouble at the North Pole’, though very different in style and mood, were both prize winners. Although our visits to foreign places inspire many of my novels, the idea for ‘Guilt Trip’ came from a picture – a bald, middle-aged, much tattooed Hell’s Angel sitting on a motorbike with a very ordinary twelve-year girl with a wistful look sitting on the pillion.

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