Truth to tell, my PC and I always had a difficult relationship. He (it must have been male because it never listened to reason, was stubborn and could be extremely childish at times) had this frustrating habit of refusing to do what he was asked – I would press all the right keys etc but he just would not co-operate and I would have to call for techie husband to sort out the problem. You might know, the minute hubbie walked in the door, the PC would spring into action and sit up like a naughty puppy to all intents and purposes saying, ‘It wasn’t me – it was her!’ behaving itself perfectly without his old master having to touch the keys. It’s true, it was my husband’s old machine passed down when he got a better model and my PC knew it’s true master’s touch! It never messed him about.  

That said, I shall miss my PC. I’ve got used to where everything is and get easily confused when things change. There is also the problem that many of my frequently used websites were on shortcut symbols at the top of my screen and I have no idea of their actual web addresses including my Amazon kdp account! Every time I tried to get at my book details on my laptop it told me I had to update my account – and it showed none of my books. At least that problem is now sorted after a great deal of time and effort. I’m continuing on with my rambling blog, but whether it will ever get posted is another matter. I tried to log on to my website on WordPress but – you’ve guessed it – because I always used a short cut key, I’ve forgotten the password. (Note to self – create a list and make a note of all my passwords like every other sensible person – there’s security and there’s common sense!)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all my backup files will successfully be downloaded onto the new machine when it comes, though I confess I’m somewhat apprehensive. Wonderful techie husband attempted to download them so that I could access them on my laptop, but there were definite problems – many of the latest ones were missing – best not to think about it! It means I daren’t start working on files in case they are not the latest versions. I’m one of these people who have far too many files open all at once so I will have lost all the stuff I haven’t saved (including several word files for which I hadn’t decided on a file name or where to file them so had never saved them).

Just to add to my list of woes, my husband has just told me that the company building my new machine to his specification are waiting on a part which won’t be available for two weeks! I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m not in that frenetic stage of writing the first draft when everything else is pushed to one side as I get the words down while the ideas are flowing. We have a major family party coming up so I’ve no excuse not to get on with some housework and sort out a few other things that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

A writer’s life can be a series of great highs and depressing lows – rarely do things run smoothly – but, on the plus side, my last promo for my new box set of Fiona Mason mysteries went well and though sales were down last week, I had a considerable number of reviews for all the Fiona Mason mysteries both on the UK Amazon site and on .com which is certainly something to celebrate. To all of you who contributed to that, my grateful thanks – knowing that my books are enjoyed is the reason to keep going.  

 The moral of my blog – we all go through dark times when nothing goes right, but in the great scheme of things, these things tend to be temporary hiccups and there are people out there, including those we know, who have real problems or challenges to deal with. So – note to self – stop feeling sorry for yourself and spare a thought for them. Keep smiling, and count your many blessings. The world’s a much better place when you stop being self-obsessed and put things in perspective.   

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  1. Oh Judith! Poor you. You really ought to try to put each doc in Dropbox or the Cloud, then they would always be there to access whichever computer you use. Doing his has saved my bacon several times!

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