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Finding Inspiration – Pictures tell Stories.

Leading Writing Workshops on board a cruise is nothing like teaching Creative Writing courses back home. For a start, I used to limit my course groups for the University of Bath, Swindon College or the WEA to 12 people. On board ship, you never know how many passengers will turn up. It can be a whole roomful of people ranging from those who have never written before to experienced writers. Several years ago, I had a published author from California who joined the workshops and I know at least one of the people who came to my workshops on the Black Watch Mystery Cruise at the end of November had won a Writing Magazine short story competition and been highly commended in two others! The majority of passengers who opt to try my workshops would probably never consider attending classes back home so my main task, as with any Cruise Lecturer, is to entertain by providing the vital stimulus to help them start writing.

How do I do that?

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