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Look to your Image!

So you’ve planned your writing goals for the year but what about you marketing goals? They are equally – if not more – important and they certainly demand much more soul searching and constructive thinking. But before you get down to the minutiae remember – Your most important marketing tool is YOU!

First impressions

We all know how our novel’s cover must reflect the kind of story our reader can expect – a dark mysterious cover for a psychological thriller; a colourful cartoon for a cosy or fun chick lit and, if it’s one of a series, it needs to follow the style of the earlier books. So too with your image. If your potential readers look at your Facebook author page or the home page of your website you have only seconds to grab them and let them know what kind of writer you are. They don’t want to click to your About Me or books pages.

Your image matters!

What do you want it to achieve? Who is it aimed at? Your existing readers or to attract new ones? Is it simply to inform or to create an atmosphere?

There are two elements to your image – your cover image and your profile photo.

Cover Image

Graham's cover picture

Straight away, you can tell crime writer Graham Hurley doesn’t write SF, chick lit or historical fiction. Unlike SF novelist Barry Woodham –

barry'scover picture

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