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Top tips for PowerPoint Presentations

DSC_6780-2Many of the societies and local social groups who are looking for outside speakers now have the facilities to show PowerPoint presentations, which means that their members now expect something visual. There are definite advantages for you as a speaker using PowerPoint so it’s well worth mastering the simple techniques involved.

Before looking at how to make the most of your slides remember the golden rule:-

Script First – Slides Later

The slides illustrate your presentation – they are NOT the presentation itself.

Begin planning your presentation by listing the main points you want to get across – probably no more than half a dozen. As you flesh out your script remember that like any good story, it should have a beginning, middle, and an end. Only then, think how best to illustrate the points you are making and don’t be tempted to draw out sections simply because you can find more pictures to illustrate them.

When it comes to the selection and design of your slides, I’m going to add another rule:-

Think about the person on the back row

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