The Fiona Mason Mysteries

The Fiona Mason Mysteries are cozy whodunits with plenty of edge. They have been described as Agatha Christie brought up to date!

Fiona Mason is a tour manager for a coach company and each mystery is set in a different European country. Her investigations frequently bring her into conflict with the enigmatic man from MI6, Peter Montgomery-Jones, but she can always rely on her West Indian driver, Winston for support.


Murder and mayhem on the Dutch Bulb Fields

Tour manager Fiona Mason’s first assignment turns into a nightmare. As if coping with difficult passengers were not enough, one of them disappears in mysterious circumstances. Suddenly a full-scale investigation is in swing headed by the autocratic Peter Montgomery-Jones who doesn’t make Fiona’s job any easier. The reason quickly becomes clear. The missing man was undercover on the trail of diamond smugglers. When his body turns up Fiona must face the fact that she has a murder in her party. The body count quickly mounts up when they move on to Amsterdam and Fiona needs to work out which of her passengers is the killer before she becomes his next victim.


‘This is the first Fiona Mason mystery and is a promising start, based on an original idea. Recently-widowed, Fiona takes a job with Super sun Tours and is thrown in at the deep end from day one when the courier she is supposed to be shadowing is taken ill. Fiona finds herself leading a tour of Holland; trying to avoid admitting it is her first assignment; dealing with difficult clients; and the odd murder or two along the way. There were enough twists in the plot for my interest to be held right to the end and I will certainly be reading more, if only to see if Fiona meets the mysterious Montgomery-Jones again.’

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Tour Manager Fiona Mason’s Rhine Valley tour gets off to a disastrous start when one of her passengers is found brutally stabbed. Fiona is determined to find the killer before his wife is formally charged with his murder.

Peter Montgomery-Jones needs to track down the plans of a guidance missile system before they fall into the hands of revolutionary Uzbek terrorists.

She thinks he is pompous and patronizing; he thinks she is interfering and impetuous but if either is to achieve their goal, they need to work together

Blood in the Wine was launched on board the MS Arlene on a Rhine cruise. What better place can there be for a book launch than on a wonderful cruise enjoying the vine clad slopes of the Rhine and Moselle and visiting the fairytale castles and picturesque riverside villages mentioned in the novel itself?


‘I’ve just finished reading this book and I’m amazed at how quickly I galloped through the last few chapters. The story begins at the start of a coach tour with a group of seemingly ordinary characters but can such a thing as an ordinary character ever exist? Judith Cranswick ably demonstrates each traveller’s unique personality allowing the reader to build an intimate knowledge of every individual within the group, as the story gently unfolds and gradually becomes compelling reading. Who did what? When? Where? There were so many possibilities but it was impossible to be sure of the outcome.
Throughout, there is carefully researched information on the areas visited by the tour group which also makes for some very interesting reading. If that weren’t enough, the writer also continues the extraordinary relationship emerging between Fiona, the group tour guide and the charming Peter Montgomery-Jones, who became acquainted in “Murder in the Bulb Fields.”
For those who like a good read, I have no hesitation in recommending this book.’

Blood in the Wine is available as an eBook on,, and all Amazon Kindle stores or as a paperback at and all good bookshops RRP £8.99 or why not order a  signed copy directly from Judith includes p&p.


Fiona Mason’s hopes of leading a pleasant culture tour of Belgium visiting the great centres of Flemish Art go badly awry. One of Fiona’s passengers is found dead soon after the assassination of a British MP at a rally outside the European Parliament Building in Brussels. Could there be a link between the two deaths?

Once again, Fiona finds herself at odds with MI6 chief, Peter Montgomery-Jones who always appears to have his own agenda.


‘If you haven’t discovered the Fiona Mason Mysteries, now is the time! I really enjoyed this one. A coach tour through beautiful locales, passengers who are not always what they seem, a senior sleuth you’ll love, and an intriguing mystery. (What else do you need?) I will definitely read the rest of the series, and will recommend to anyone who loves a well-plotted mystery.’ Susan Holmes, Author of ‘Deadly Ties.’ 

‘This is the third in the Fiona Mason series of murder mysteries – set this time in Belgium – and once again, Judith Cranswick has done her research well; I was completely transported back to my days in Brussels and was able to join the Super Sun Executive Travel guests on their tour.’

In this book, readers are able to renew their acquaintance with not only Fiona and her friendly driver, Winston Taylor, but also with the mysterious Peter Montgomery-Jones, who seems to become a little more human with each book. As usual, we also meet an interesting cast of potential victims and possible suspects – and there are plenty of red herrings too. A most enjoyable read.‘ Elizabeth Ducie, Author of ‘Gorgito’s Ice Rink.’

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When Peter Montgomery-Jones poses as a passenger on Fiona Mason’s Elbe Valley tour, she knows there is going to be trouble. She doesn’t have to wait long. The local Berlin guide falls to his death in the hotel where her party are staying. The police chief is convinced that one of her passengers is guilty of his murder. Montgomery-Jones refuses to help. He  has his own investigation to worry about. Once again, the two are at odds. However hard Fiona tries to concentrate on protecting her passengers, she finds herself sucked into Peter’s investigation.


A missing Ukranian politician, a zealous reporter, MI6, a dead body – and all set on a tour of the Elbe Valley. An intriguing mystery set on a coach holiday, a particularly interesting feature is the interspersing of travel itinerary, which really adds something and further brings to life the setting. As someone who is very fond of the city of Berlin, I felt at home in this book and loved the historical detail.

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Two mysteries – what has happened to Fiona’s missing passenger, and who shot the rebel republican terrorist, Eamon McCollum? Once again, tour manager, Fiona Mason and MI6 chief Peter Montgomery-Jones come together to find the answers and unravel how the two cases are linked.
Belfast rightly deserves its reputation as one of the top British cities for tourists. All looks set for a wonderful tour, but, people are not always who they claim to be. Fiona and her coach party quickly find themselves drawn into the undercurrent of distrust and thirst for revenge that has been simmering in Northern Ireland since the time of The Troubles. Drawn into one another’s investigations, Fiona and Peter need the other’s help to cut through the web of deceit and betrayal to find out what has been going on.


‘This excellent latest installment in the Fiona Mason series finds Fiona and her charges on a tour Northern Ireland, where they become embroiled in the aftermath of an IRA assassination. Masterfully keeps us in suspense until the very end, where the outcome is satisfyingly unexpected, while weaving in Fiona’s developing relationship with Peter Montgomery-Jones.
Highly recommended. An absorbing read in the tradition of the best mystery fiction.’

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