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Deadly ties

Come to the hills of the Ozarks and meet Maggie Porter and her dogs – a champion Labrador Retriever, an aging Cocker Spaniel, and a Beagle retired from federal service. Maggie has returned home to reopen the family dog kennel business, where she’s plagued by problems from the start. Serious trouble arises when a gossip-loving employee turns up dead holding an heirloom locket belonging to Maggie’s mother.

More trouble arrives in the shape of anonymous threats and mysterious break-ins. And when a security crisis puts everything she loves at risk, Maggie realizes somebody doesn’t want Waterside back in business.

As the region sizzles in record heat, a “Treasure of the Ozarks” campaign disrupts her quest for answers even as it breathes new life into old tales and brings out tourists and treasure hunters alike. With her loyal dogs at her side, Maggie must dig for the truth behind the violence. Along the way, she learns that everyone has something to hide – and some secrets are worth killing for. Continue reading

Killing can be a tricky business

Trying to find different ways to kill off your victims is no easy matter for today’s crime writer. Readers demand variety. You can’t keep bumping off your victims by bashing them over the head with a brick or pushing them under a train novel after novel.

Writers might well be advised to write what they know about, but I’ve never murdered anyone – I’m an ex-convent school headmistress for goodness sake! Much as I disliked the odd colleague, child, parent or individual I came across in all my years as a teacher, I never actually contemplated doing them in! Killing takes research.

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