Technology and Me

I’ve just spent three frustrating days updating my recently published paperback of Blood and Chocolate in Create Space. I decided the original print size was too small. Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult a task? Update the file and reload it and adjust the spine size for the cover – a half-hour job at most. Don’t you believe it!

Originally, I had used as a template all the measurements for an earlier novel printed by another printer. There were a few problems but the Create Space reviewer had accepted it. Hoping to avoid any problems, I learnt a few new tricks in Microsoft Word and re-did page size and margins etc to Create Space specifications. Heaven knows what I did, but I upset my PC (it’s never really liked me) to the point that it took my ever-patient techie husband (my PC’s first owner and for whom it usually behaves the moment he steps in the door) had to spend the best part of yesterday afternoon putting it right. After at least five long trawls through the interior reviewer checking every page, I finally managed to get rid of the glitches in my Blood and Chocolate file and up loaded the interior.

This morning, the fun began again updating the cover increasing the size of the spine! As a keen photographer, my husband is more than adept at photoshop, which is just as well as things didn’t turn out to be nearly as simple as they should have been. One of the major problems has been that Amazon likes to work in inches and my PC’s software is all in centimetres! Why I didn’t change things first time round, I don’t know, but after countless man-hours – mine and his – Create space has accepted everything for review. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that – one – they accept it – and two – that when I get a copy, the formatting hasn’t decided to go to pot!

To be an Indie Writer takes a great deal more than being able to write a good story. You need to be a competent technician and skilled at marketing. Marketing – now that’s another topic far too large to consider here, but it too requires learning technical skills – creating websites, social media skills (I will make time to learn how to tweet – one day) etc. Have you noticed that almost exclusively, the most successful Indie authors have a marketing background?

I’ve just been reading an interview with Laurie Alberts in Straight Talk on Writing: 20 Conversations with Authors about the Craft by Scott Francis and I’ll leave the final word to her – “Indie authorship just isn’t workable for technophobes.”

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