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Sylvie has a secret watcher. His mission is to eliminate any newcomer who might sully her innocence.
Sylvie’s carefree world turns into a nightmare when terrible accidents start to befall her male friends. Is she jinxed or is someone out to harm them? She must find the killer before he does anything to the new man in her life.

Winner of the NAWG Award
‘This is the rarest of creatures a thriller that actually thrills. From the opening page, this suspense story grabs the reader and won’t let go. It’s a genuinely creepy, tingly read, packed with menace and malice – the sort that is uncomfortable to read but impossible to put down.’
Iain Pattison – Award judge

5 thoughts on “A warm welcome to my website

  1. Lovely site, Judith! If you’d like to guest blog this fall/winter on my crime review blog to drive some US readers to your work, shoot me an email~
    Best regards,
    Marni Graff, The Nora Tierney Mysteries

  2. Brilliant news, Judith, that was fast!
    I’d love to have a copy of MiM that I could keep in my kindle cloud reader with all my Fiona books, pretty please! Kind regards, V.

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