A warm welcome to my new website


Thank you for making your way here whether you are a returning friend or a new visitor. Here you will find my blogs about aspects of writing and more information about me and my books. Enjoy and don’t forget to like my Facebook page and to sign up to hear details of new promotions and occasional giveaways.

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5 thoughts on “A warm welcome to my new website

  1. Lovely site, Judith! If you’d like to guest blog this fall/winter on my crime review blog to drive some US readers to your work, shoot me an email~
    Best regards,
    Marni Graff, The Nora Tierney Mysteries

  2. Brilliant news, Judith, that was fast!
    I’d love to have a copy of MiM that I could keep in my kindle cloud reader with all my Fiona books, pretty please! Kind regards, V.

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